Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The tea house trail to Lake Agnes

There are a few trails around Lake Louise and we decided to do the tea house trail. I would call it a moderate trail, not too easy, not too difficult, about 4.5 miles long and 1200 odd feet of elevation gain. Really it took us about 2 hours or so to reach the top. There is a tea house up there to refuel if you need to and then head back down.

Views along the trail

I remember there was some sort of bear warning in effect because Mr. S and I wore our bear bells - just tied small bells on our backpack and shoes. It was a shame though, because the trail was fairly busy and so no bear in sight. Mr. S soon removed his bells but I marched ahead - chhum chhum chhum. No wonder Mr. S  kept trailing behind or leading ahead to take pictures - he was most likely embarassed. :)
Lake Agnes

There were a couple of lakes on the way whose name I forget before we reached Lake Agnes with the teahouse next to it. Serene, quite and small - are the words that come to mind now that I think about it. After a brief stop to munch on some cereal bars we had carried on us, we decided to go a little further up from the teahouse before heading back down. There were some splendid open views of Lake Louise from a window in the trees. Good half day of hiking, and we were back in time for a hearty lunch.

Lake Louise from the top of the trail

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Mridula said...

The view from the top is so beautiful, what a shade of blue!