Saturday, March 19, 2005

Golden Gate Park

March 12th, 2005

We travelled to San Francisco, once we were done with Sunit's application process, then Rang Tarang and then a visit by Tripti and Amit (my sis and brother in law) all of which had kept us real busy.

This was our first relaxing Saturday after a long long time.

The Park itself is beautiful and a haven away from the chaos of San Francisco. Driving through San Francisco you can hardly imagine that such grounds are nestled right in the center of the city. It was cool and misty when we reached the park, raindrops suspended in the air, adding to its charm.

Here are some pictures:

A view of the Stow Lake from atop the Strawberry Hill which we hiked.

A small falls, the Huntington Falls, actually more like cascades run into the lake. Here's a view of the cascades from top of the Strawberry Hill.

There is a Rustic Bridge atop the lake and Sunit was able to capture the birds with the bridge in the background in this picture.

We visited the Japanese Tea Garden and the Shakespeare Garden. While the bonsai bushes were the highlight of the former, cherry blossoms adorned the pathway in Shakespeare Garden.

The main stream at the Japanese Tea Garden with the stone lantern to the left and the crane statues in the middle.