Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mirror Lake, Yosemite

Notice anything weird in this picture ? It is a mirror image, isn't it ?

Even though the title of the post pretty much gives it away, the picture above is of a few people standing near Mirror Lake at Yosemite National Park. And just to prove that the reflections are that good, I have actually inverted the image above.

Mirror Lake is a seasonal lake. A short 1.1 mile (2.2 miles roundtrip) hike, this is an easy walk. The lake is seasonal because it appears (it is of significant size) only when the waters in the high altitudes is melting. As summer sets in much of the water disappears and is replaced by meadows with pools of water here and there.

The hike here is off the beaten track. S and I always like coming here as early in the morning as possible - there are fewer people and we find the quiet around this place is very relaxing.

And Mt. Watkins always looks splendid with its reflection in the lake.