Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Pointers for Santa Fe

I thought I will jot down some quick pointers for Santa Fe... or rather the high points of our trip to the city.

The Plaza in Santa Fe is where all the action is. Its a lively section of old town - there is a local street side bazaar of the native americans selling their jewelry, a couple of churches, lots of art galleries and handicraft shops, restaurants, jewelry shops, museums etc. Everthing centres around the plaza.

The other notable thing about the town was hanging chilies - they were everywhere. They were being sold in shops and people had them hanging outside their shops and houses.

Then there was this restaurant/shack kind of a place that was definitely serving the best chili sauce in town - it was spicy hot, made our noses water but it was yumm to the last drop. The Shed is definitely a must try for any visitor to Santa Fe.

And right next to it was this other colorful shop with lots of hanging chilies and strands of vegetables but this time they were made of glass. Made a pretty sight for the eyes. It was called the Rainbow Man.

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Mridula said...

Looks like colorful place. The hanging chillies somehow feel like India, only we have Nibu and green chillies!