Thursday, June 24, 2010

Banff to Lake Louise - Highway 1A

There are 2 parallel routes one can take between Banff and Lake Louise while driving. The faster one is Highway 1 or the Icefield Parkway. The slower is called Highway 1A. Before heading out on our trip, I had written in to a couple of friends to ask for recommendations on things to do in the area and one of the strong recommendations I got back from both was to definitely take Highway 1A atleast once - its slower but more scenic.

We had just started on 1A when we came across this bull elk grazing by the road. And further up there were a few distinguishable mountains one of which I remember was called Castle Mountain.  (Note to self - should blog sooner so I remember more details. :( )

Castle Mountain

There were quite a few more spots for picture taking along this stretch of the drive, but it is this last picture that I really like. I have always wanted to photograph aspen tree trunks, expecially after I saw a B&W picture of the same by Ansel Adams. Along the drive we stopped at a rest point and I took this one of some trees growing in the forest section nearby - it is no way even an iota as good as what AA had taken, but it gave me immense satisfaction that I was finally able to capture something similar.

P.S. I have recently discovered this system of scheduled posts and I love it - I now create multiple posts mostly over the weekend and schedule them for posting throughout the week - should make this blog seem a lot more regular than it really is.

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