Monday, April 26, 2010

'tis the wildflower season

I have been in love with the hill behind our house ever since we moved in last year. The first night I had woken up to a beautiful sunrise behind this very same hill. Then there is this quaint tree on the hillside on seeing which both Mr. S and I had remarked almost together - "I like that tree". On occasion I have also seen a fox, a turkey and lately a baby deer on the same hill. So it is no wonder that I waited with baited breath to see what surprise this hill would have in store for us this spring.

And lo behold! It covered itself with all sorts of wild flowers. There are california poppies scattered here and there, some lupine and some pink and red/maroon flowers whose name I don't even know. The hill is covered and I have been looking out to it day and night.

I had been bugging Mr. S to go back to the hill to take some pictures for a few days now and he finally obliged last weekend. He went right when the sun was beginning to go down and came back with this. I love my hill and I love Mr. S.


Mridula said...

How long do these flowers last? They look so beautiful.

Pooja Aggarwal said...

The poppies I know last a couple of months and so do the lupines. But I am seeing the red ones for the first time and they have just bloomed.