Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beringer Winery - Napa

The next winery we visited was Beringer. When we had started from our home, our planned visits were to Sterling and Peju - Beringer was a last minute decision based on what we saw from the road when we drove past. We had gotten a glimpse of the Rhinehouse from the road and it was too tempting to ignore.

Some history behind the Rhinehouse as we learnt later when we decided to visit the winery - it was built by Frederick Beringer (one of the 2 Beringer brothers) because he wanted his home to remind him of his German home.

Beringer winery is the oldest and continuous running winery in the Napa Valley. This tip came from our guide on a tour of the underground caves where the barrels storing the wines are kept. The tasting was also along this tour.

I will add that my one year old found the underground tour through the caves a little too interesting, to our dismay. 5 minutes into the tour he realized that his voice echoed when he spoke anything. The next 25 minutes were spent by him trying different sounds to see which one echoed the most and by my husband trying his best to trail the tour and keeping our son quiet so everyone else could hear what the guide was saying.

The gardens around Beringer were beautiful, there was lots of space to walk about idly. For picnic lovers, it was ok to picnic here - there were picnic tables around to use.

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Sorcerer said...

wow!! what a picturesque place it is.

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