Sunday, June 10, 2007

Walk down the hill

Spring was wonderful last year around our apartment. There had been plenty of rain, and flowers were in plenty all around. The hill opposite our apartment driveway was covered with big purple flowers. There were bright pink flowers along the sidewalk too.

But the flowers that most caught my fancy were a little way down the hill. Everyday as I would drive to work, I would pass this beautiful patch of orange california poppies and reddish-pink flowers. And I would think I have to walk down there someday. So one of the weekends, we decided to take a walk down the hill and look at them closely. Here are the pictures from that walk - as you can see we were wonderfully rewarded.

The rains weren't all that good this year. I waited for the patch to bloom this year, but there were very few flowers :-(


Mridula said...

What lovely site!

Sigma said...

Beautiful flowers. Just lovely. Sad you didnt get as many this time.
I saw patches of the yellow ones (californa poppies, you say they are!) in monterey, and really loved them!

AM I A HINDU? said...

Pooja...Those flowers are very pretty indeed.

Bendtherulz said...

Lovely view for the drive.

I am sure it must be quite perk up for you while driving to work...!