Monday, June 25, 2007

Switzerland was great...onto Italy now

Had my first good access to internet today - in Venice right now. The Switzerland part of the trip just ended and it could not have been better.

Till I get back to San Diego, here is something to feast your eyes on.

Chapel Bridge in Luzern

Lake Geneva at Montreux

And here is a quick one of Venice too...

Grand Canal at Venice


Prashanth M said...

lovely photos..

Mridula said...

Lovely pictures Pooja, waiting for more!

Mudita said...

glad i checked...nice photos...waiting for more as well..

Sigma said...

Simply gorgeous!! And waiting for more :-)
Hoe you had a great time!!

Pooja Aggarwal said...

Thx Prashanth, Mridula, Mudita and Sigma - But I can't take credit for all these pictures. My husband took some of these. You see he recently got one of these digital Rebel XTi things - wouldn't let me touch it for the most part. So I carry my camera and he his.

Sigma said...

He he. I have also been through similar "experience" .... I am resigned to the older regular digital camera, while N proudly totes around his new DSLR :-) though I am allowed to use it :-P

PRIyer-family said...

lovely pics....wonder why no pics of you and do you prove you actually went there? :-)
BTW, when are you guys headed to the wonderful bay area?
-Bala & Urmila