Sunday, June 03, 2007

Torrey Pines State Park and Beach

Everytime I think about San Diego, I feel lucky that I have spent the last 6.5 years in such a beautiful place. And when I tend to be forgetting, this place reinforces the same time and again.

Like the fact, that I can go for my morning walks to the Torrey Pines State Park and Beach, which is just 2-3 miles from our apartment. Every so often, when the realization dawns, I drag Sunit or some friend to the place.

The state park and beach are next to each other. The beach is infact visible from the hill where we rent our apartment. Its a long stretch of brown sand and while the section right next to the road is crowded, if one walks towards the state park there are fewer people and quieter moments to enjoy.

The park is more rugged, with extensive cliffs and canyon formations. And it is also the home to the Torrey Pine, a rare tree in US (and from where the park gets its name).

There are a number of short and long trails in the park that take to different scenic overlooks. Last time we dragged some visiting friends there, we packed a small picnic of sandwiches and after the hike, rewarded ourselves by sitting near a cliff and munching at our sandwiches while looking out to the sea and beach in the distance. What else can one ask for!

I would say the state park is a must see for anyone visiting San Diego over an extended period of time.


Pijush said...

Excellent pictures, nicely composed shots. Liked it

Sigma said...

Beautiful pictures!! The blue sky and the deep blue sea are just lovely. You sure have a charming neighborhood :-)

मिर्ची सेठ said...


I ran across your blog via orkut (Ritu S's friend). Good to see Torrey pines thru your lens. Wife and I were in La Jolla area for the first 10 months of our marriage and it was great.

I am almost tempted to visit SD again this summer :D

- Pankaj

Pooja Aggarwal said...

@Piyush: Thanks

@sigma: Thanks Shalini. I love my neighborhood. We pay heavy rent, but everytime I see the ocean from a distance on the way to work, I feel I am being paid back for the rent we pay.

@Pankaj (ala Mirchi Seth): Do not hesitate then and plan a trip to SD - the place is amazing.

Bendtherulz said...

I ahve this small card which says - Practice being thankful in advance of receiving what you desire !!

May be you said enough thanks to get scenic view everyday!!

Thanks for the information - my colleagues are travelling to Calif and to SanDiego - will pass on this information if they would like to visit the same - ofcourse provided time permits.

Mridula said...

And you tell me that you envy my trips!

Amol said...

Superb Photos!
I bought a SLR camera and now have a challenge, to shoot better photos than you!, I know I will fail :-(