Friday, May 04, 2007

An Unexpected Visitor

We had an unexpected visitor the other day.

I was at work and my husband was at home. We were discussing something on the phone when my husband exclaimed - "Oh My God! There's a deer under our balcony. I will have to call you back". And he hung up on me.

I would have rather had him on the phone, narrating each little bit. I heard back from him,though, an hour later when he sent in these pictures to me. They still made my day.

Some background might be useful. We live in an apartment that overlooks the Los Penaquitos Canyon on the back side. There is a walkway at the rear and a fence that separates the canyon from the apartment community. You can see the latter in the last picture.

Now my husband at one time refused to believe that there are any deer near our home. I had seen them multiple times before - once in our apartment parking lot and once around a sharp bend on the road at night. When I told him about them, he had replied back, saying - "It was dark, it was probably a dog". Till one day we were walking back from a neighbor's place and he saw a family/group of deer (isn't there a name for that? ) behind the fence in the canyon. He has been a believer ever since.

And the other's day incident served as a double confirmation.


Sigma said...

Oh wow! Something totally unimaginable for me!!

Karnail said...

This thing we have lost in India. Neither we nor can the next generation living in the cities, hope to ever shout any such thing on the phone. For such type of things we have zoos(hahahahaha. Thanks the fertile environ here.

Vj said...

Interesting I can't imagine this happening in Delhi ,But I remember as a Kid I had unexpected visitors as squirrels,Ducks,cows,dogs when I was in Lansdowne, a beautiful green city in garhwal himalayas

Pooja Aggarwal said...

@Sigma: I know...I also went wow!

@karnail: Somewhere among this whole modernization and malls etc. we left nature far behind. Some day when I have enough resources, I plan to open arboretums. Or just buy a bunch of land and plant wildflowers, have a little creek flowing, some ducks.

@Vj: I read your previous post on Landsowne - it indeed looked to be a very beautiful place. We have a butt load of rabbits too in our complex.

Bendtherulz said...

Hey thats nice to know that you got such lovely surprise.

I was fortunate to live in arid zone in Rajasthan which is still home for these agile/skittish animals.
I recall our sojourn to wilderness in desert for camping and on one of our trip back to home our jeep's headlight ensnared a baby deer standing with his Mom who was already dead ( Hit and run case...) I will never forget those eyes - me and my friend we just fell in love on the spot and just to humor us our parents ( actually it was my friends dad who was SP of the district ) who agreed that the deer could stay in their home for sometime.
Those few months were so amazing & such memorable ones - the moment we use to come back from school we use to run to our friends place to feed the deer and play with him...till the time we had to give up deer to another town's zoo which was sad...and I was still able to control my emotions but my friend was so desolate for so many weeks after that.

I am so glad that I came here and got to see the just took me to the happier times.

Tk care Pooja !!

Mridula said...

Wow! Sounds so incredible.