Thursday, May 03, 2007

Soarin' at Epcot

My writings on Epcot are not complete without this - my favorite ride at Epcot was "Soaring". It was a simulator ride which made you feel as if you were gliding or soaring over California. An exhillarating feeling and more so for us since we have been living in California for six and a half years. The ride provided a different view of the all too familiar sights of California to us.

While I don't have any picture of the ride itself (we were all buckled up and everything), here is one of a nice exhibit outside the same ride.

And a link from Disney's website with more insight into the ride.

As a side note, there is a "test track" ride also in Epcot. Its famed as one of the fastest and longest rides in Disney history. And that was enough to scare me out of taking a ride on it. I am yet to hear the end of it from my husband because I wouldn't let him ride it either.


Mridula said...

Perfect logic, if you don't want to ride it, why should he! I understand.

Sigma said...

Pretty picture! Though I would have liked to see the pic of the ride too :-)
Lol @ Mridula's "perfect logic".