Saturday, May 26, 2007

Everglades National Park - I (Anhinga Trail)

When we decided to go to Everglades National Park for a day trip from Orlando, there was just one thing I knew about the place - I would see loads of alligators.

The first one we spotted

The guidebooks or websites warned, though, that while there is a good chance of seeing wildlife in the Park, nothing is guaranteed. So when we started on the Anhinga Trail and saw the first alligator, I remarked to my husband - "Look at this closely, this might be the only one we see today". I could not have been more wrong.

For by the time we were done with Anhinga Trail alone, we had seen close to 30-40 alligators, in different sizes, most with their mouths shut but some with their mouths open. They were everywhere. And we saw them throughout the park. Even when we stopped my a small lake just for a quiet, peaceful moment, one of these swam up to the shore to bless us with his sight.

The trail also provided lots of opportunities for bird watching - herons, egrets, anhingas were in abundance here. This particular bird (in the first picture below) was a dare devil of sorts - she would try to peck at the camera if you brought it too close, but refused to budge an inch from where it stood.

The Anhinga trail is a short, easy walk (.5 miles I think, you can hardly call it a "trail") and close to the main entrance of the park. Its definitely a must see for any visitor to the park.


Sigma said...

This sounds like a nice and interesting place!
Once I saw a baby python wrapped around a bush in Bharatpur bird sactuary ... not a very expected place for it to be in. And I must confess, I was scared at first! ;-)
So I wonder, how did you feel amongst so many alligators :-))

Riot said...

Wow !! Everglades is on my list of places to visit. I always wanted to take up and close pictures of alligators. Great pictures you have here !

Bendtherulz said...

This was quite interesting - I liked that bird - what attitude !! Looks like was happy to pose for you....however not close shots you know some people are not happy with closeups ( not too comfortable)

Atanu said...

Hi here is my new blog

Pooja Aggarwal said...

@sigma: After the initial shock I was quite at ease :-)

@riot: Thanks riot! And you will get many chances to photograph these creatures on Anhinga trail

@bendtherulz: The bird was indeed very interesting. I think it was so used to seeing humans around that it just decided to not bother.

@atanu: Thanks! Will definitely check it out