Friday, July 09, 2010

A sow and her cubs

That summer (the summer we visited Banff and Jasper) was definitely the summer of bear sightings for us.

It started with seeing a sow and 2 cubs cross the road right in front of our car on our drive over to Yosemite, followed by numerous sightings at Denali, peaked with being almost next to notorious grizzlies in Katmai and then ended with seeing another sow guide her 2 cubs near a river in Jasper.

We were taking a break to take in the scenery while driving over to Maligne Lake in Jasper. Mr. S has this magnificent tunnel vision when it comes to spotting wildlife. He suddenly exclaimed - "Bear!". Right there, below the cliff where we were standing, emerged a sow with her cubs from under some bushes. We followed them for quite some time as they made their way along the river but maintained a respectable distance.

A few more people driving by stopped when they saw us looking down so keenly beside the cliff. After sometime though, the bears just walked into another set of bushes and decided to stay there.

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EG Wow said...

How exciting to actually see the bears!