Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Jasper National Park

Lake Pyramid

From Banff, we made our way further up north to Jasper National Park. Jasper turned out to be bigger and less crowded. Less crowds meant there were times when there was hardly anyone in sight and we would have the whole place to ourself.

Again lots of lake visiting and hiking around lakes happened in Jasper. Our first visit was to Lake Pyramid. Very quiet and hardly anyone there except for a few kayakers at one end of the lake.

From Lake Pyramid we went on to Lake Anne. Not too many people - now that might be just because my husband and I are early risers but there were a few people here sitting beside the lake and enjoying their books. I remember making a mental note to self - "Bring a book next time".

Lake Anne

People keep raving about Banff, but I definitely preferred Jasper to Banff. It was a larger park with much fewer crowds and much more wildlife sightings than in Banff. Walking and sitting around these lakes I felt one with nature and with myself... and fairly content with life in general.

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Judy said...

Those lakes look so serene! I love the clouds reflected in the last one!

Mridula said...

Your lake pictures are amazing.

Dharma Shots said...

Beautiful photos of the lake.

EG Wow said...

Banff is so beautiful!

Vibha said...

Wow !! Amazing locations, captured beautifully !