Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wildflowers along Cottonwood Canyon off Highway 166

While there was a lot of lavendar and blue wildflowers around this season, this is definitely the year of yellow. And the star attraction of our trip was a drive to Cottonwood Canyon Road off Highway 166. Since this was basically wide open space, we could park anywhere, climb the hills, walk among the flowers (of course on foot paths so as not to trample on the flowers).

Here are some pictures from the time spent there.

P.S. BTW the credit for alerting me to the wildflowers in Cottonwood Canyon goes to the author of the following blog. I came across his posts when looking for wildflower locations near our place and that is how we reached Cottonwood Canyon. Thanks kmw. It was a weekend well spent, all thanks to your tip.


Sigma said...

Lovely flowers. And wonderful pictures.
Nice to have such places within weekend trip distance :-)

Pooja Aggarwal said...

And yes, the only way S got me to move from San Diego to bay area was by saying we can make all these weekend trips

kmw said...

Thanks for your compliment and I like your images. Will keep you in mind next spring if I find something spectacular. KMW