Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fiscalini Ranch, Cambria

Coming back to the weekend trip to see wildflowers....

While travelling down from our place we drove on Highway 101. All along the highway, after every mile were these markers reminding us that 101 is the historic El Camino Real. Since we could not stop the car just anywhere, (and I was hell bent upon taking a picture of this marker,) it took some time and effort before I could take a shot of this marker from the moving car. I was very pleased myself.
Till yesterday, when I was walking to a nearby grocery store on El Camino Real near our home (its a slow driving street instead of a fast moving highway when it runs through any city) and what should I see but the same markers. So much for putting in all that extra effort.
In any case, I actually found the whole 101 route to be very scenic, especially this time of the year since it was all green and colorful with flowers.

On our way back we drove back on Highway 1 along the coast. We decided to stretch our legs at the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve in Cambria. It was along the coast and there were a number of flowers here and there. Our morning walk ended up being a very pleasant one!


Sigma said...

Ah! Must have been a really enjoyable drive!

Pooja Aggarwal said...

Yes it was ...even though the drive back was only 4-5 hours, we spent a good 9 hours because we stopped often