Sunday, August 05, 2007

St. Gotthard Pass, Switzerland

On a scenic drive from Luzern, we drove to the St. Gotthard pass. Here are some pictures from once we reached the pass.

This is definitely a must-do drive if you have a car in the Luzern area and is an easy, day trip. It is dangerously scenic - we had to make sure that whosoever was driving was concentrating on the road and not on the mountains around.


Mridula said...

6800 plus feet? I say try our 12000 plus Ladakh or Spiti some time. The pictures are beautiful.

Sigma said...

"Dangerously beautiful" .. Lol!!
Lovely pics.
All settled now ?

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Mridula said...

Long time no see?

Pooja Aggarwal said...

Thanks Mridula and Shalini. And I do need to be reminded occassionally about this space and Mridula you do it well :-)

Shalini - we are almost settled. Thanks.

I called the place dangerously beautiful because with someone like Sunit behind the wheel who likes to look around, beautiful scenery can become dangerous too :-) I had to tell him to pull over - he was paying so little attention to the road sometimes.

Sigma said...

He he! Dont blame Sunit. If you had been behind the wheels, I guess you'd have done the same :-P