Sunday, January 28, 2007

High point of my trip to India

I was sifting through last year's pictures, sorting them and archiving them, when I realized that there is loads of blogging of my travels that I actually never got around to doing. So my resolution for this year (I know, I am already a month late) is to blog all my last year's travels. (Lets see how far I keep up to it)

I am going to start right off with my latest trip - a trip to India. A lot many highlights of the trip - a trip to Jaipur, meeting my cousins and their children, attending a friend's wedding and eating loads of moong dal halwa. But the high point of the trip was definitely getting to meet my niece for the first time.

She was 3 months old when I landed and a complete bundle of cuteness with all her stares and tantrums. Made sure every one catered to her every whim and need. And we all did, after all this was the first little one in our family. So while details of our trip to Jaipur will follow in later posts, this one is for my niece - Kuhu.


Sigma said...

Glad to see your new-found enthusiasm :-) Hope to see your logs soon!!

Your niece is so cute. I can imagine you would be right there on her call !!
And a nice rhyming name with her mommy and masi ? :-D

Pooja Aggarwal said...

Thanks...She is indeed adorable. I keep thinking about her all the time.

Mridula said...

She looks so cute. It is amazing how such small bundles can make the entire household revolve around them.