Monday, January 29, 2007

Amer Fort - First Impressions

After having a hefty breakfast at our hotel, on our very first morning in Jaipur, we left for Amer fort. It is about 12kms from Jaipur. And if I remember correctly, was built by Raja Man Singh.

Our first glimpse of the fort and its imposing walls - And we all sat up in our seats eagerly awaiting for what was in store. There are 2 ways to approach the main fort - first is on elephant back and up the ramps along the fort walls and second is to drive your vehicle right upto the main entrance and then climb the stairs to the main door of the fort.

Since our little one (Kuhu) was also travelling with us, we took the less adventurous route and decided to drive upto the main entrance (Mind you, that was not less exciting to say the least. The road is very narrow and steep at times and carves its way right through the village and up the hill. And if you are not careful enough, you will miss the turn from the village to the fort road atleast once if not more - we managed to miss that turn twice.)

Then of course, as soon as we reached the main entrance we were surrounded by the all too familiar guides and touts wanting to take our family inside. In any case, after some time in the line for the ticket, we finally made our way into the fort.

Surrounded by barren land and bare vegetation on all sides, hardly any people in sight, one could easily imagine what an imposing effect the fort would have had on the enemies and friends alike.

I was talking to a friend the other day and telling her about our visit to Amer fort, and she said she remembered sitting inside the fort (she had been there before) and imagining herself to be the queen coming up the ramps on her elephants, or sometimes looking down at the court proceedings from the "jharokas" made specially for that purpose. She very aptly summarized the first impression Amer fort has on most people.


Mridula said...

So good to see your new posts. I thought there is a third way to approach the fort and that is on foot :) It is a lovely place, have to go there again.

sigma said...

Nice log! I have heard a lot of it, but haven't been there myself.

Pooja Aggarwal said...

@Mridula: Very true, and I know "on foot" is your favored way to visit a place. But I do not have a hiker spirit to match yours and it never even crossed my mind.

@Sigma: Thanks Shalini. You must go there, it was nice