Monday, October 18, 2010

Stowe to Jeffersonville

So we are back from the trip and going through the normal round of infections one is prone to from travelling in a long flight. (Yeah, it happens to me without fail - fall sick immediately after a wonderful vacation).

There is lots to post and write. The trip covered New Hampshire, some portions of Maine and most of Vermont. And we were lucky - there was color in plenty. Hill after hill was covered with autumn colors, the air was crisp and not too cold and Master S was very patient and in good spirits throughout.

Snapshot of the trip since a friend asked for it -
Land into Boston
Drive to North Conway (3 hours) and stay there for 3 nights
Drive to Burlington (2.5 hours) and stay there for 2 nights
Drive to Woodstock and stay for a night
Back to Boston and fly back

Around North Conway, the must-do drives were the Kanc Highway, drive up north through Jackson to Artists' Bridge and through the Oxford Lake area of Maine and a visit to the Fryeburg fair.

Then through the White Mountain National Forest to Burlington. The drive on Highway 2 from Barre to Burlington was out of the world as was the drive from Stowe to Jeffersonville along Highway 108. The time in Burlington also included a visit to Lake Champlain and the Ben and Jerry's Icecream Factory tour.

Then down south to Woodstock on Highway 100 along the Green Mountain National Forest.

A number of short posts with mainly pictures from the drives will follow soon... the one above was along the drive from Stowe to Jeffersonville - trees in autumn color forming a canopy over the road. We saw fall here, literally - the leaves were falling slowly in front of us.

I want more of this Earth to be covered in such trees.

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Anu said...

Pooja, Thanks for sharing the trip details...It's very handy