Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nature has symmetry

We are back - from a short but nice, relaxing vacation to one of the places that has been on my list of "places to visit before I die" for a long time now. We flew into Alburqurque, NM and then after a midway stop in Farmington, we reached the Monument Valley. Erosion over decades has resulted in these huge buttes that stand desolate in a valley and make for some of the most frequently photographed places in US. It is an Indian reservation area (Navajo Tribal Park to be precise) and so does not fall under the US National Park System.

While we first saw the huge buttes from the parking lot, when we checked into our room, the balcony afforded one of the best views into the valley.

View from our balcony (midday)

These particular formations are called the west and east mitten (for obvious reasons) and the Merrick butte (for no apparent reason). We ended up going click-click with our camera at these for a large part of our trip. I was particularly intrigued by the symmetry of the west and east mittens - how come natural erosion could have carved out such symmetrical structures right next to each other. But I guess thats nature for you - always intriguing.



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Mridula said...

What a beauty, the view from the balcony is amazing.