Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beautiful cowbell land - Appenzell

I had first seen the swiss cowbells in one of Yash Chopra's movies - DDLJ. And the area that comes closest to the Switzerland as how I imagined it to be, the land of cowbells, was - Appenzell. There were sloping hills, churches with spike towers, cows with cowbells...

When we drove towards Appenzell, it was raining. I was a little disappointed. But even with the clouds and rains, it was wonderful. And so disappointment gave way to smiles as we drove towards this place. I was looking forward to walking around in these hills.

The clouds cleared up the following day. And so we woke up early eager to step out and do some walks into the country side. To say that Appenzell is beautiful would be an understatement. It was almost magical after the rains from the previous day.

When we landed in Switzerland, one of the fellow travellers had quipped - "So are they landing our plane onto a farm or something". That is exactly how it felt - there were green sloping hills all around. And the color that hits you with a bang is "green".


mridula said...

It indeed looks very green and beautiful. So, are you in Italy or are you back?

Pooja Aggarwal said...

Yep. I am back. Got back a week ago, looked at your Spiti pictures, envied you for that,etc.
I know, I know - I should have blogged earlier, but you see Mridula, I am a lazy blogger.

Sigma said...

Lovely pictures ... and with your description, one can just imagine the rain one these lush gree slopes :-))
More pictures awaited :-D

anita said...

what a pretty country! lovely pics too :)