Sunday, March 18, 2007

"Oh!" for Orchids

I had some friends come over for dinner last night. And one of them brought for me this huge tray full of the most lovely flowers - Orchids.

It took me quite a while to snip and snap the stems and arrange the flowers in the different vases ( I was able to fill up 6 bud vases in all) and even after that I had a small tray of flowers left over.

But once it was all done, they made a pretty sight. And I went "Oh!" for Orchids.

P.S. Love the flowers - thanks Rosalyn.


Mridula said...

And the pictures have come out lovely.

Sigma said...

And I can just say - WOW!!
These are just so lovely!! Nice flowers and equally nice pictures :-)

Anonymous said...

lovely orchids, please send some across to me

Pooja Aggarwal said...

@Mridula: Not half as good as some of your pictures of flowers, loved the one of pink roses which you put up when you were in Shringi

@Sigma: Been a while since I heard from you, I was beginning to wonder. Thanks.

@Tripti: :-) They are on their way to your place, atleast in spirit.

Sigma said...

Ohhhh .... yes ... I have been a little irregular. Though I did see your posts on the Joshua National Park - and loved the ones of the cacti with flowers.

Sigma said...

Check out ...
You can put your orchids to some more use ... The round for "O" is up :-)

Mental Floss said...

The last time (and first) i posted on your blog, it was an infinite expanse of tulips.
Now, orchids.


Pooja Aggarwal said...

@sigma: Flower fest, sounds interesting, will definitely check it out

@mental floss: Thanks. I love colors and hence flowers, and so they feature often on my blog. BTW, nice pen-name - "mental floss".

shilpa/eyeonnature said...

Hi Pooja,

Take a look at your entry to O at
Flower fest
Thanks for your contribution!

Bendtherulz said...

So much wanted to come and comment on this post - I loved the orchid post...and it seems you are quite facinated with this flower....!

Tk care~

Pooja Aggarwal said...

@bendtherulz: You hit the nail on the head, I love orchids. Maybe because they are so beautiful and yet so delicate. Or maybe because they come in so many varieties and yet each is so different from the rest. Or the fact that on seeing these flowers my mind wanders to tropical lands with damp, humid air.

Jay said...

My Tacoma Florist can also send orchids that are equally stunning as the one you received.. ^^