Monday, November 20, 2006

Sunny San Diego

View of the Coronado bridge from Coronado Island

They say the grass is always greener on the other side of the river. Probably that is why I keep travelling out of San Diego. But come winter, I am reminded each year what a bright and sunny place I live in.

Coronado Beach

We have loads of friends visiting us in winter, mostly from colder regions. And maybe for that reason it is generally quite easy to lure them to San Diego :-) The following pictures were taken by one of our friends when they visited us earlier in the year.

Golden sunset at Coronado

I was going through these pictures after a long time and realized what I would miss if I were to ever move out of this place. I have been here close to 6 years now, but this place still does not fail to amaze me every time I go out.

Kite flying is a favorite sport in San Diego

P.S. Coronado is a small "island" off San Diego. Its not really an island, since its connected to the mainland by a small stretch of land at one end and to San Diego by the Coronado Bridge. But I guess it provides such a different rhythm of life and culture than the city across the bay, that its considered an island.

And a small one at that, it is barely 8 square miles in area. It is the home to the famous Hotel Del Coronado, and some beautiful white sand beaches. What Sunit and I enjoy most, however, is walking along the waterfront marketplace right across the bay in Coronado since it provides spectacular views of the San Diego skyline. I will have to dig out some pictures of the same, but thats for a later post.

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Mridula said...

Lovely pictures Pooja. I love sea as much as I love mountains but somehow I end up seeing mountains more than the sea. Looking at the pictures I should plan the next trip near a sea and not a mountain.