Thursday, May 11, 2006

Alive in Seattle

Sunit and I just got back from a week long trip to Seattle. And what a trip it was. We were lucky to experience sunny weather for the most part of the trip. Days were just beginning to warm up and there were practically no summer crowds yet. Everything was green and the snow was just beginning to melt in the mountains so there were a lot of snow capped peaks to see, and numerous waterfalls had appeared and were really full.

We got to visit 4 National Parks around Seattle and a day trip to Victoria to see the Butchart gardens. And the last day we saw some of the downtown areas of Seattle.

The Seattle skyline on a cloudy day

The city itself has a fairly small downtown - few blocks and you can walk it all on foot. And there is always this towering presence of mountains all around, especially Mt Rainier which is a permanent fixture of the skyline on any clear day.

The Space Needle

The Space Needle stands tall and elegant, a little apart from the downtown and provides wonderful views of the city and the area from the observation deck. Though I did find the entry fee to the observation deck a bit too steep, but the views from the top were fairly good.

Close-up of the observation deck from down below

There was just so much to do and visit in and around Seattle that we really found that a week was not enough for the area. The city seemed alive with art and culture, and it was an invigorating experience just walking the streets of downtown or around the Seattle Centre, the Pike Marketplace or for that matter the University District.

And I am sure the mountains are even more beautiful once all the snow has melted and there are wildflowers all around. I kept telling Sunit on our way back that Seattle seemed to be like a really nice place to stay. He kept reminding me that it rains for more than 6 months in Seattle and hence the beauty of it all.

My next few posts are all going to be on Seattle. I just can't stop thinking about the place.

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And I would love to see the photographs of all those mountains.