Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Walk In The Park And A Chance Encounter

Last weekend I travelled to Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was my first visit since Sunit had joined MBA school. After a lot of lazing about, we decided to take a walk in the Fuller and Gallop Park. I name both because I am not sure which one we ended up in - Both were next to each other on River Huron and we couldn't figure out when one ended and the other started :-)

The Parks had a river flowing right through the center and serene wilderness stretches around. There were some people canoeing in the river, some cycling about on some of the paved paths and some like us were just walking around enjoying the surroundings.

There was this one particular stretch of boardwalk that ended in a rugged path along the river. We decided to walk it. We had just taken a turn back and I was just catching a breath when Sunit whispered - "Pooja !!! Look !". I turned around and lo behold, about 30 feet away was a family of deer. This was the first time I had seen one at such close quarters. I stood still, hoping to watch them more while Sunit went click-click with the camera. We watched them, dazed in their presence till they ran away in the opposite direction leaving good humored smiles on our faces - It had been a most fortunate chance encounter.


Mridula said...

Pooja, don't you agree that photographing wildlife is a most amazingly difficult task? The pathway looks so beautiful in the picture.

Arz000n said...

Awesome snaps :)

Are those Gazelle's??

Boy they look so cute in there...

I saw ur prev posts too and kinda envy that you got to see Cheetahs...damn whenever I visit NGC and they show any documentary on Cheetahs....I so wanna see then in real life

Too good :)

Pooja Aggarwal said...

You are right. Wildlife is difficult to photograph especially when most of the times I forget about photographing and just look at them agog.

Thanks !
I always thought Gazelles have horns, even the females have small ones. I might be wrong though.

Anonymous said...
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