Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lake Tahoe

We travelled to Lake Tahoe on July 29th. It was a weekend camping trip with Sunit's uncle (Ravi Mama) and his family. The trip proved to be some nice relaxing time with family just before Sunit resigned from Cisco. The slow paced hikes, Mamiji's cool sandwiches in mid-afternoon, the campfire stories and jokes, the game of 20 questions by the campfire (at which Ashwin proved to be genius) - All made the trip a memorable one.

We stayed at the DL Bliss State Park. Spread across about 1800 acres along with the Emarald Bay Park, the DL Bliss park offers a comfortable camping ground, a couple of beaches and some very interesting hikes with beautiful vistas.

We decided to do some light weight hiking - we went on the lighthouse trail. About 2.0 miles long, the trail ends in some very awesome views of the Lake. While the lighthouse trail is a bit rugged, curvy and steep, we took the easy(and very short) way back along the Rubicon trail. Ravi Mama managed to take this picture of the lake after climbing on a precarious rock and log. We did feel a little dehydrated and thirsty by the time we got back as we had run out of water midway. But this breathtaking view was well worth the effort.

After some refreshing sandwiches and a dip at the beach, we next checked out the Balancing Rock. A .5 mile walk took us to this site. Its actually a 130 ton rock precariously balanced on another granite rock. Steady erosion at the joint has caused this natural formation. It almost looked like the "face of a whale" to me. While Ashwin and Aditya decided to check it out at close quarters (You can spot them at the waist) we decided to keep our distance. Talking about both of them, they both must have climbed n number of rocks that day - we had to just spot one and they would rush over to climb it. Kids never fail to amaze me.


Me said...

beautiful pictures Pooja...great job...

Amit said...

you missing in all pics ......nicely shot though